LMO Artist Loungers Project October 2017

With the CasualArt Fair, The Hester Street Fair & likemindedobjects aim to play with the context of the contemporary art fair, to create an affordable inclusive space for galleries, project spaces, collectives, and experimental design/art brands to gather outdoors in a truly public setting to share their most current excitements, artists, and projects.

likemindedobjects Artist Loungers will allow passerby to relax within their pick of slung fabric and bent aluminum tube lounge chairs LMO made in collaboration with 20 Artists. The canvas sling pieces were sewn in NY & shipped all over the country & abroad, worked on & returned via mail. Artists include Alison Kizu Blair, Andrea Bergart, Annie Bielski, Barf Queen, Christin Ripley, Clay Hickson, Constance Tenvik, Cynthia Chang, Enky Bayar, Francesca Capone, Gretta Johnson, Isabel Wilson, Jordan Johnson, Lil'Deb'sOasis, Mary Eleanor Wallace, Naomi Clark, Nathan Gwynne, Rachel Howe, Sarah Zapata, & Wilder Alison.

Photos courtesy of Cooler Gallery/Sarah Drexler.